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Assessment of Student Needs 2016

Each year, the District and the Advisory Committee must review a wide variety of data points that describe what our students need to be successful.  These data points are broad-based pieces of information that relate to academic success and socio-emotional well-being.  To review the essential student needs selected for 2016, please open the document attached below titled “2016 Student Needs Assessment.”

The slideshow with notes will provide you with information about the following:

  • 2015 Smarter Balanced Assessment Results
  • 2015 CA State University “Early Assessment Program” Results
  • English Learners making progress in English
  • English Learners becoming fluent in English
  • School Facilities Reports for Seismic Safety and Overcrowded Facilities
  • 2014 CA Healthy Kids Survey Results

We have chosen these data points as essential because they demonstrate some of the most pressing needs our students have to be successful.  


We ask stakeholders these four questions:


Please review some of the data points on the district’s most critical areas.

What do you notice?


What data is also important to consider and what does it tell you?

(Or, what do you hope it tells you?)


What do all students need to be successful?


What do students need to be successful given their unique circumstances?


Click here to view the “Essential Student Needs, 2016 with notes”


Click here to view: “Essential Student Needs, 2016 without notes”