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Internal Communication Process


Internal Communication Process


Outlined below is the process AUSD uses to notify families, students, staff, and community members about important information - during school hours, after-hours, or on the weekend.


  • Families will receive automated *phone calls and emails from the district.
  • Accurate and confirmed information will be posted and updated on the AUSD website(s), AUSD Facebook page, and AUSD Twitter account


A District Communication System was recently developed that sends emails to parents, students, and staff from an AUSD email address. The District Communication System is used strictly for important communication and has been successfully used in recent situations where the need for important communication was necessary.


Please ask the school secretary to assist you if:

1) You do receive automated phone calls or emails from the district or school; and/or 2) You do not know how to access the AUSD website, AUSD Facebook page, and AUSD Twitter account.


* Families will receive automated phone calls to all provided primary & secondary numbers.


We will continue to use every opportunity to familiarize parents, students, staff, and community stakeholders with this process.  If you have any questions about AUSD’s Internal Communication Process, please call me directly at (510) 558-3766 or email me at


Jackie Manibusan, Communications Manager


Text messages are coming soon!