NEW! FOR PARENTS - CALIFORNIA HEALTHY KIDS SURVEY(click for link, login, and password[s])

AUSD is participating in the Healthy Kids Survey which will be expanded this year to include all parents of students (grades K-12) and will include valuable input on important topics such as physical activity, nutritional habits, and school safety. It will also ask deeper questions about student well-being, bullying, harassment, sleep, and homework and feedback on the progress of the Strategic Plan that will help us form our next steps. The survey is 100% anonymous. Please note that they surveys are school specific, so if you have children at multiple schools, you will need to complete a separate survey for each school. Survey available until 6/4/12.
Language Translation info:
If you would like to take the survey on paper, they are available in the school office. If you want to take the survey in Korean, Mandarin, or Spanish, copies are available in the school office.
본 설문조사에 설문지 작성 방식으로 참여하고자 하시는 경우 설문지가 학교 사무실에 마련되어 있습니다. 한국어, 중국어 또는 스페인어로 참여하고자 하시는 경우, 학교 사무실에 해당 언어 설문지가 마련되어 있습니다.
Si desea realizar la encuesta por escrito, las copias están disponibles en la Oficina de la escuela. Si desea realizar la encuesta en Coreano, Mandarín o Español, las copias están disponibles en la Oficina de la escuela.
A link to the survey is below - please note login and password are site specific:
Albany High School
Login: 0130450
Password: xmsbtsf
MacGregor High School
(please contact the school at 559-6570)
Albany Middle School
Login: 6090161
Password: hmstfgf
Cornell Elementary School
Login: 6090146
Password: mxtwvmb
Ocean View Elementary School
Login: 6116222
Password: bsfgfxt
Marin Elementary School
Login: 6095376
Password: cbnpmsm
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