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Vaccine Resources, Fall Reopening & Schedules

Safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines are now easily available in Albany for those 12 years and older. Please vaccinate if you are eligible to keep yourself, your family, and your school community safe! The more of our community that are vaccinated, the less likely it is that we will have to close classrooms, teams, or schools next year because of COVID-19 cases.


Walk-in Clinic

AUSD will be hosting a vaccination pop-up clinic at the Albany High School Gymnasium (entrance on Thousand Oaks Blvd.) on Friday, May 28 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm for those 12 years and older. Sign up for a slot at this link. Second doses will be given on Friday, June 18. You must have photo ID and insurance card (if insured). It is helpful, but not required, to bring a printed copy of this Consent Form (it can be filled in after printing).


Vaccinations are also available through these sources:

Golden Gate Fields Parking Lot

Please note that this called the Buchanan Street Parking Lot (next to Albany Bulb)

Start at is the best resource for finding many different locations with vaccine availability.


Safeway 1500 Solano Ave.

Start at this link


CVS Pharmacy 1382 Solano Ave.

Start at this link



Fall Reopening

At the April 6 and May 11 Board Meetings, Fall Reopening Plans were discussed. The District emphasized that the plan is to have full, in-person, on-site learning at all school sites. Additional safety precautions are likely to remain in place, and plans are being created for contingencies. The Superintendent's Fall Reopening Advisory Task Force has been meeting throughout May to collect input. More details will be forthcoming.


AUSD is committed to providing the best possible education to all of our students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Albany Children's Center is open in a modified schedule five days a week for preschool students.


Elementary Students are participating in a modified, full-day, five-day-a-week in-person instruction at school. Others have chosen to stay in a remote learning program, with Albany teachers as their instructors. See the schedule. A Special Day Class is open at Cornell Elementary.


Albany Middle School opened a Hybrid Learning Program on April 5. Students choosing to return to in-person learning participate in either a morning or afternoon program. Full remote learning remains available with Albany teachers. A Special Day Class is available at Albany Middle School.


Albany High School will bring students back for an afternoon Academy Program, beginning April 19. Instruction for all courses remains remote. Information is available here. A Special Day Class is available at Albany High School.


Remote Learning Is an Option
AUSD will continue to provide fully remote instruction for students throughout the current school year.


Archival Information:

At the March 16 Special Board Meeting, reopening plans were updated and significant changes were approved. In summary:
  • Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten in-person students will begin an extended program very similar to the pre-COVID AM/PM schedule.
  • 1st-5th graders returning to campus for in-person instruction will now be offered a modified full-day, five-days-a-week schedule. Because these students will not be participating in remote learning, this is not a hybrid program, it is a modified full-day program that returns these students to fully in-person instruction.

The Schedule for Launching the Elementary Return to Campus Is as Follows:
March 18-19: All 1st-3rd grade students will have their regular synchronous remote instruction. These days were previously listed as Transition Days (asynchronous instruction). The current schedule with full remote learning will be maintained for 1st-5th grade through March 24.
March 25-26: Transition Days, asynchronous instruction for all TK/K-5th grade students.
March 29: Start date for TK/K-5th grade Modified Full-Day Instruction.


Middle School and High School Will Have Hybrid Programs
The Board approved a new plan to be developed that ensures all AMS students selecting the hybrid option will have in-person instruction four days a week. More information about this plan will be forthcoming. Albany High School and MacGregor High are moving quickly toward opening a hybrid program for 9th–12th graders that combines remote learning with afternoon in-person instruction. This in-person hybrid option, called the "Academy Program" will now begin on April 19, which corresponds to the beginning of the final fourth quarter of this school year. This changes high school Transition Days, which were March 31 through April 2. Regular instruction will now take place on those days. The Transition Days are now April 7, 8, and 9. Students have asynchronous instruction only on Transition Days.


There are three basic criteria for Hybrid Reopening:

  • Facilities and safety procedures meet both State and County criteria.
    • AUSD has met this criteria.
  • State and County provide authorization to open. Alameda County remains in the Purple Tier, but at a lower rate of infection. Secondary schools are not yet allowed to reopen in a hybrid plan, but elementary hybrids allowed to open with an approved two-part COVID-19 Safety Plan (CSP):
    • The AUSD School Guidance Checklist, was accepted by the County on January 25, 2021.
    • The COVID-19 Prevention Program (CPP) is posted.
  • Agreements with labor partners have been concluded.

Summary of Hybrid Reopening Plans: Background and Rationale

The Superintendent and District Staff provided several presentations to the School Board and community regarding the development of plans to gradually reopen in-person instruction at all AUSD schools. This document on Hybrid Reopening Plans: Background and Rationale summarizes these presentations, focusing particularly on the Hybrid Reopening Plans.


Updates on Reopening In-Person School & Activities 

At the February 9, 2021 School Board meeting, Superintendent Wells provided an update on Reopening in-Person School & Activities  

Hybrid Reopening Family Forums

Each school site hosted online Family Forums about the Hybrid Program. If you missed a Forum, video recordings are posted below for each school. FAQs are being developed based on community questions and will be posted soon.