Stakeholder Engagement (2019)

In alignment with our District's goal to "Communicate and Lead Together," the LCAP stakeholder engagement process is critical in gathering information from a variety of stakeholders around how best to meet all students' needs.
This is how we do it:
LCAP Advisory Committee Members and District staff prepare materials and schedule site and community meetings to engage stakeholders and gather input to inform the development the LCAP.
Site and community stakeholder engagement meetings are held. At these meetings, we provide information on student outcomes (using the CA School Dashboard) and ask four questions:
  • What observations can you make about the data you reviewed on the CA School Dashboard?
  • What information might also be important to consider that was not provided on the CA School Dashboard? Please explain why this data might also be important to consider. 
  • What do all students need to be successful?
  • What do students you represent need to be successful given their unique circumstances?
The Advisory Committee reviews all the notes and connects the ideas to the Eight State Priorities.
June 11th and 25th, 2019
The LCAP plan is presented to the School Board in public sessions for review and adoption.