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Transition Services

Transition Services 

Transition services are a set of coordinated activities to assist a student's movement from school to post-school activities. These services are designed to help your child adjust to life after he or she is no longer eligible for school-related services. The law requires that transition services be provided to all students with disabilities, beginning at fourteen (14) years of age or younger, if appropriate. When appropriate, the IEP team will plan and oversee the implementation of these transition services.

The law also requires that coordinated activities for transition include instruction, community experiences, and the development of employment and other post-school living skills. If services in any of the previously listed areas are not needed by your child, your child's IEP must state so and why. The coordinated activities for transition must be based on your child's individual needs and take into account his or her preferences and interests. If appropriate, the coordinated activities may also include the acquisition of daily living skills and/or functional vocational evaluation.

If transition services are going to be discussed at an IEP meeting, the notice of the IEP meeting will include the following information:

  • indicate that the meeting will discuss transition services;
  • indicate that the student will be invited; and
  • identify any agency representatives that the school invited.

If any agency representatives cannot be at the meeting, the District will attempt to obtain their input through other means.