Student Data Sharing

Albany Unified School District shares student data with various outside agencies/vendors in accordance with law or in order to further the district’s educational goals. AUSD believes that students and parents have the right to know with whom AUSD shares student data. Please note that this list may not be comprehensive and may change at any time.


Student directory information — Student (or their family’s) contact information is shared with these entities in order for them to be added to informational or promotional mailing lists or for emergency contact. Where noted, parents can opt out of sharing directory information during the annual summer parent data changing window through the Aeries portal.

  • SchoolCARE (opt out possible)

  • Albany Music Fund (opt out possible)

  • Albany Education Foundation (opt out possible)

  • Parent Teacher Association (PTA) (opt out possible)

  • Albany Enrichment Giving Campaign (opt out possible)

  • Edulink Systems — Parent notification system; emails and calls parents to inform them of student absences and important school events.

  • United States Military (High School only—opt out possible)

  • Sylvan — Tutoring services


Online Administrative Services: Detailed student data (for example: enrollment, demographics, grades, transcript information) is shared with these services. Data shared in accordance with law, with educational partners, or for hosted student data systems used by the district (library management, food service, etc.)

  • Aeries Student Information System
  • Naviance (High school only) — Online service that helps students align high school academics with post-graduation goals. Link to Naviance Privacy Statement.

  • Equal Opportunity Schools (High school only) — Assists with increasing the number of students from at-risk demographic groups in AP and Honors courses

  • California Department of Education (CDE) / CALPADS — We share data with the CDE in accordance with law/Ed Code. The CDE also shares data with outside agencies according to their policies.

  • CAASPP — Standardized testing run through the CDE and SBAC. Student demographic data and test results are shared in accordance with law.

  • WestEd — Educational research consultant

  • Etrition — Food service database for point-of-sale transactions

  • Destiny — Library management database

  • Cal-PASS Plus — Data system that tracks student outcomes beyond K-12 to college and career paths

  • Educational Data Systems — Data assessment and evaluation services

  • Scholastic Reading Inventory (Middle and High School only) — Online reading assessment program
  • Jostens — Yearbook
  • Lifetouch, HotShot Portraits — Student photos
  • Haiku (High School only) — Standards Based Report Cards
  • Clever (Elementary and Middle) — Service that assists in online account creation. Clever privacy policy.



Online classroom services, apps, web apps — Students have accounts with these 3rd party online vendors. Information generally attaches student full names to the account name. These services will often create an online profile of student progress so that they can individualize lesson content according to student level/ability.