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Albany Green Schools

Albany Green School committee is composed of staff, students and citizens of Albany to develop and plan goals for the greening of Albany schools.

The goal is to reduce the district's carbon footprint and to develop a business model that uses sustainable business practices with curriculum components that reinforce our commitment to the environment. It also has the goal to reduce the district's energy use by installing the most energy effecient fixtures and devices.

Albany Unified School District has a comprehensive recycling program at all school sites that recycles office and colored paper, packaging and food scrap recycling.

The new Gen 7 classrooms at Albany High School use recycled materials and solar panels to reduce the carbon footprint. They also use natural sunlight to help light the classroom so that the classrooms use less electricity on lighting.

The new Albany Aquatic Center will have solar panels and a co-generating unit (micro-turbine) to offset the cost of utilities for the operation of the pool. The co-generation device uses natural gas to generate electricity while using the exhaust gasses to help heat the pool's water.