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Budget Priorities Policy





On September 23, 2014, the Albany Unified School District Board of Education conducted a Board Work Study Session to discuss budget and program priorities. The Board identified a preliminary list of school and community stakeholders and developed a draft communication plan to reach out to stakeholders to invite, send, and receive input and communicate Board decisions. On February 4, 2015, the Board again conducted a Board Work Study Session to continue its budget and program priority discussion.  Two essential questions were discussed:


1. What do students need to be successful? 

2. What do students need to be succesful given their unique circumstances?


Staff has also provided to the Board of Trustees, in a series of District budget updates, information on the state of the District’s budget and the District’s multi-year projections as well as the California Governor’s State Budget Update for Public Schools.


At the April 7, 2015 Board Meeting, the Board adopted a policy to maintain a 9% reserve two years beyond the current year. If Multi-Year projections show reserves below 9%, the budget and program priorities process will begin.