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Volunteering at AUSD

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Albany Unified School District. The links should provide you with information about how to volunteer. Please contact the site of you choice with any questions.
Updates to AUSD’s Administrative Regulation 1240 – Volunteer Assistance resulted in designations for volunteers being divided into the following three categories:
1) Volunteer I - not required to submit an application, get fingerprinted, or take a TB test because direct contact with students is supervised;
2) Volunteer II - required to submit an application, get fingerprinted, and take a TB test because of limited supervision with regular and ongoing student contact; and
3) Volunteer III (Activity & Athletic Coaches) requirements same as Volunteer II and additional completion of a coaching education program that meets the standards developed by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) as well as abiding by CIF bylaws and codes of ethical conduct.
The Superintendent or designee has the authority to exempt volunteers from the TB testing if serving less than one year and contact with students is supervised.
Volunteer forms have been updated as of 1/28/12. Please see below.