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Aeries Portal Help

The Aeries Parent Portal can be accessed using the following link: 
For those parents experiencing technical issues using the Portal, please read through the solutions of common problems before submitting a support request. If after reading through this page your issue remains unresolved, please contact your school site office.
  1. I have gone through the process of creating an account, but I never received the email confirmation code. Was the account created, and how do I gain access? — The account was created, but the email generated by our system failed to send. To prompt a new email code to be sent, return to the Aeries Portal URL at: Enter your email address and the password you selected and click the login button. If your account was created, a message will appear saying that the account is inactive and ask if you want another email code generated. Select yes and you will be sent to another page where you enter your email. A message will be sent to you containing a new email code. Follow the directions within the message to gain access to your account. Be sure to have your student’s ID number and Verification code with you. If, when you try to log in, a message appears saying that your information does not match an account, then your account was not created successfully. You must create a new account in order to gain access.
  2. I have gained access to my account, but it won’t allow me to add my student. — Make sure you have typed in the correct ID number, phone number and Verification Code when adding a student. If you have typed it in correctly, please contact the main office of your student’s school site directly for help resolving the issue. If you never received the letter containing this information, the school site can provide you with this information. To add a second student to your account you can go to the top right of the portal home screen and click on Change Student. From there select Add New Student and enter their ID number, phone number and Verification code.
  3. I would like to know whether my K-3 student has been assigned as an early bird or late bird. Where can I find that information? After logging into Aeries, go to the Student Info tab and click on Demographics. Look for the User 12 field. There will be either an E or an L there signifying Early / Late status.
  4. I would like to know which teacher my child has been assigned to for next school year. This information will be available and viewable in the Aeries portal starting around 5 PM on Friday, August 26, 2016 for the 2016-17 school year.