Notification: An employee tests positive for COVID-19...

Dear AUSD Families, 


We received notification today that an employee at the high school tested positive for COVID-19. During the investigation, we discovered that an employee who was in close contact with the infected staff member may have also traveled to the Ocean View campuses and the preschool facility. As a result, the preschool hubs at Albany Childrens’ Center (720 Jackson), and Albany High School, along with both Ocean View buildings, will be closed for 14 days. 


Those campuses are now closed. However, all AUSD classes will continue in full distance learning mode, just as it has been these past several months. Please be assured that as we move toward our holiday break, classes will continue as usual for almost all students, with the limited exception of the small number of children attending the in-person preschool hubs. Those preschool students will return to distance learning mode.


We will also continue with our community meal service programs currently operating out of the central kitchen (located in the AHS Little Theater Building at 603 Key Route Blvd) with no changes in schedule.


Stay safe, hopeful and encouraged. 


Frank Wells,

Superintendent, AUSD

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