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TK / Kindergarten Q & A

Q & A From TK/K Parent Orientation Night, January 31, 2022


If you missed the TK / K Parent Orientation Night webinar, don't worry! View the slides here, watch the video of the presentation here.

Q: Transitional Kindergarten (TK) will be offered at what schools in 2022-2023?
A: All TK classes will be at Ocean View Elementary next year. If your student is in TK, they will be at Ocean View. 

Q: I’m confused, is an in-person appointment required or not to enroll a student?
A: We understand that many were confused and hope to straighten it out here. An in-person appointment is not required, but is strongly encouraged. If you hope to enroll your child completely through online submission of documents, you must ensure that they are legible. We are encouraging everyone to schedule an in-person appointments and to bring in ORIGINAL documents (not photocopies or printouts of photographs) because illegible documents have delayed enrollments in the past. However, we understand that not everyone is able to come for an in-person appointment, and it is possible to complete the enrollment process online. 

Q: Okay, how do I make an appointment?
A: You can email the Enrollment Coordinator, Felicia Lien at [email protected] or [email protected] to schedule an appointment. Please include your availability and a daytime number where you can be reached if you would prefer a return call. We hope to have an online appointment scheduling link posted soon. Please check the Enrollment webpage to see if a scheduling link is available.

Q: I have an appointment. What should I bring?
A:  The Enrollment webpage has a complete list of the required documents. Please bring ORIGINAL documents.

Q: Is it necessary to have all immunizations before enrollment is complete? Can I get an appointment during the Priority Enrollment period, but have my child finish the immunization series at a later date?
A: All immunizations must be completed and shown on documentation in order to complete enrollment. We are unable to accept enrollment packets with incomplete immunizations.

Q: Are the slides and the video from the TK/K Parent Orientation Night posted?
A: Yes, they are posted at the bottom of the Enrollment webpage.

Q: What is the student/teacher ratio in AUSD TK and K classes?
A: The average ratio in TK is 19 to 1. The average ratio in K is 23 to 1.  

Q: What is the daily bell schedule for TK and K? Is it likely to change?
A: The schedule is tentatively sent to the same as 2021-2011 and is unlikely to change.

AM Program: 8:10 am to 11:30 am
PM Program:11 am to 3:10 pm

Q: Does enrolling on the 1st day versus later in the Priority Enrollment Window (Feb. 1 – March 31) make a difference on your placement? Are you placed in Kindergarten based on a first-come, first-serve basis?
A: There is no advantage to completing enrollment earlier or later within the Priority Enrollment Window. As the District begins to assign schools, it considers the following criteria:

First—The student has Special Program needs that are not available at all sites.
Second—The student has Priority Enrollment status and has sibling(s) in an AUSD elementary school 
Third—The student has Priority Enrollment status
Fourth—Student does not have Priority Enrollment status, but does have sibling(s) in an AUSD elementary school 
Fifth—Student does not have Priority Enrollment status and does not have sibling(s) in an AUSD elementary school 
If there are more requests than spaces available at any level of the placement process, a lottery will be held.  

Q: What if I didn’t get my first-choice school? Is there a waiting list for changing schools?
A: You can fill out a School Change Request Form. Please understand that there is a very small likelihood that a spot would be available in the first few weeks of school, as that would mean that other enrolled students suddenly changed plans. However, requests for school change are taken seriously. Rather than disrupting a school year, most school changes are done over the summer so that the student can start the new school year at their new school.

Q: Will the ongoing construction of Marin Elementary School affect the 2022–2023 school year?
A: Currently, construction of the new Marin Elementary School is on track to be completed in February 2023. This schedule could shift. When Ocean View Elementary School was re-built, there were a number of final details that needed to be taken care of before it was ready for students, and it takes time for teachers to move in and set up their classrooms. It is prudent to expect that it will be the same for Marin Elementary. Given these factors, it is likely, but not certain, that Marin Elementary students will remain in temporary locations for the 2022–2023 school year. 

Q: Where will Marin Elementary Kindergarten students go to school next year?  
A: All Marin Kindergarten classes will be held at Ocean View Elementary for the 2022–2023 school year. 

Q: What information can you provide about the before-school and after-school care programs?
A: Information on AUSD programs is available at this webpage. AUSD does provide care, coordinated through Albany Children's Center (ACC), that is on-site at each elementary school. However, there are a limited number of spaces available. There is also support for low-income families within the ACC programs. There are many other childcare options available in the community, the additional resources listed on this webpage are not the only options available.

Q: Do the ACC before- and after-school care programs work on a first-come, first-served basis?
A: Spaces are filled based on several criteria, such as grade-level openings, site capacity, and gender balance. However, all other factors being equal, the space will be offered to the first student on the waitlist who meets the criteria.

Q: Are there bilingual programs in AUSD? 
A: Albany Children’s Center coordinates some before- and after-care programs with a bilingual focus. See information here

Q: What about the children of staff members who live outside of Albany? Is there room for them in Albany schools
A: Albany places high priority on the children of staff. According to law, any student who does not reside with the district must apply through the interdistrict transfer process. As explained there, you first must apply to your district of residence for a release permit. Once the release is obtained and submitted to AUSD, the District reviews and issues acceptances. Our first priority is the children of staff members. 

Q: Do you think there will be room in Kindergarten for interdistrict transfer students that aren’t the children of staff?
A: Yes, we do think that there will be space available for additional interdistrict transfer students.

Q: When are interdistrict transfer applicants notified of a decision?
A: This depends mostly on the district of residence. Districts process these releases on very different schedules. Once you have provided the release permit to AUSD, we will try to let you know within two weeks if there is space for your student. 

Q: Can you please provide more information regarding the discussion about full-day kindergarten that happened at the January 25, 2022 school board meeting? 
A: This webpage is incredibly useful, as all the upcoming Board meeting agendas are posted here, and all completed meetings also have the video link added. You can see the linked presentations and the recorded discussion of that item.

Q: What social skills curriculum do you use in Albany schools?
A: Social skills are an extremely important part of the curriculum from TK/K through graduation at Albany Unified. Supporting the Needs of the Whole Child is one of the three Objectives of the District (the other two are Assessing and Increasing Academic Success and Communicating and Leading Together). Albany elementary schools use:

Second Step for social-emotional curriculum;
Welcoming Schools for lessons on family diversity, stereotypes bullying and gender;
Speak Up Be Safe for lessons on child abuse and student safety; and
Our own AUSD Social Justice and Social Emotional Learning Standards that have been developed in the past four years.

Q: How old does a student need to be to enter 1st grade? I understand there is a “cutoff” age for TK and Kindergarten, but what if a child, who had been enrolled in a private school in Kindergarten at age 5 and they then transfer to AUSD, could they enter 1st grade as a 5 year old turning 6 in September?
A: A child who was not age-eligible for kindergarten (that is, the child turned five after September 1 in the 2014-15 school year or thereafter) and who attended a California private school kindergarten for a year is viewed by the CDE as not legally enrolled in kindergarten, pursuant to EC Section 48000 requirements. Therefore, this child, upon enrollment in public school, is enrolled in kindergarten, assessed, and may (but is not required to) be immediately promoted to first grade if the child meets the following State Board of Education criteria, pursuant to Title 5, Section 200.