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Interdistrict Permit Information


Interdistrict Permits into Albany Unified School District

Interdistrict Permits are required for students, residing outside of Albany city limits, who wish to attend a school in Albany Unified School District. 

When capacity exists, interdistrict permit requests may be approved based on the following priorities:

* 1st Priority: Students whose parents/guardian are employees of the Albany Unified School District (must work .40 FTE or more).


* 2nd Priority: Students whose parents/guardians are employed by the City of Albany, (employed at least 20 hours per week).


* 3rd Priority: Students whose siblings are ongoing interdistrict transfer students; and to ensure educational continuity of students.


* 4th Priority: Students whose parents/guardians have been business owners/operators within the City of Albany for a period of at least 12 months prior to their application.


* 5th Priority: All other applicants.


Families must obtain a signed interdistrict permit application from their district of residence prior to submitting the application to AUSD for an interdistrict transfer into Albany schools.

If an interdistrict permit application is submitted to AUSD for the current school year, families will be notified whether their application is accepted or rejected within 30 days.

If an interdistrict permit application is submitted to AUSD for the following school year, families may be notified as late as the second week after the new school year begins as to whether their application is accepted or rejected. Please be sure to enroll in your student in your district of residence as 4th and 5th priority applicants have not been accepted in the past 6 years.

If an application for an interdistrict permit is rejected, students will be placed on a waiting list. To remain on the waiting list, a new interdistrict permit application must be submitted each school year. 

Interdistrict Permits out of Albany Unified School District
Students wishing to attend school outside of Albany Unified School District must complete the Interdistrict Transfer Application for Alameda County Schools found below and submit it to Albany Unified School District (1051 Monroe Street).
Questions: Contact Claudia Thio, Student Services Coordinator,  (510) 558 3762 or