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Legal Updates

AUSD Statement

Some of the lawsuits filed by students involved in the “Instagram” litigation have been resolved. The settlement amounts are funded by the District’s joint powers insurance pool, and no District funds will be impacted or used for the settlements. The settlement negotiations were required by the federal court, and any settlements were contingent on approval by all parties involved including the court. The District has settled with the family of a student who was physically injured during a demonstration related to the Instagram account, with two other families in relation to the same demonstration, and with the families of four students whose First Amendment rights were violated by the District according to a federal judge.

The District has not settled with three students for whom the judge ruled that their specific and targeted attacks on fellow students were not protected by the First Amendment. We appreciate that you are concerned in this matter, and hope that you will understand that while there is ongoing litigation, there will be no comments by the Albany Unified School District or its agents on the litigation.