Request to Distribute Flyers/Materials at AUSD Schools

If you wish to have an event announcement or a flyer image included in school newsletters, you must obtain approval from the Superintendent's office. AUSD does not distribute paper flyers. 
Please read the following thoroughly and carefully before proceeding:
All flyers and materials from community organizations must be reviewed and approved by completing these steps:
The following materials must be submitted (via mail, e-mail, or in person) for consideration:
  1. Completed Request to Distribute form (see below to download)
  2. Proof of 501C3 Non-Profit Status 
  3. Sample of flyer or material intended for distribution 
 Flyers that organizations wish to distribute must meet the following guidelines. 
  • No corporate promotion
  • No materials with for-profit advertising or associated fees
    • if any fees are charged by non-profits, please provide info. about tuition assistance/scholarships offered 
  • No promotion for dances, parties, etc.
  • No posting by organizations that have policies or promote activities that are inconsistent with the mission and/or policies of Albany Unified School District (AUSD).
  • No political materials, endorsements, walk-outs, demonstration notices, etc.
  • No recruitment of students or staff
Submit Materials one of two ways:
  1. Electronically to Executive Assistant to Superintendent: [email protected]
  2. Hard copies to one of the following:  
    1. District Office/Student Enrollment Center: 1200 Solano Ave. Albany, CA 94706
    2. Administrative Offices: 819 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94710
    3. School Site Secretaries (who will forward to the Superintendent's office)
Approvals may take up to 5 business days to review, depending on the volume of requests. Distributions are provided as a community service. 
AUSD neither endorses nor sponsors any activity that is approved and reserves the right to deny any request.