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Introduction to Local Control and Accountability



California's new funding model is known as the “Local Control Funding Formula” (LCFF). The promise from the State is to provide annual increases in funding each year until we reach the same levels as 2007-2008.  In addition, school districts receive additional funds to provided targeted services that meet the needs of English Language Learners, Foster Youth, and students who come from Low SocioEconomic Backgrounds.

Goals for Albany USD

The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is the way in which we articulate our goals and objectives for students, as well as how we will pay for programs to meet those goals.  In Albany, the LCAP is aligned to the three goals in the Strategic Plan:


  1. Assess and Increase Academic Success.  We will provide a comprehensive educational experience with expanded opportunities for engagement, assessment, and academic growth so that all students will achieve their fullest potential.
  2. Support the Whole Child. We will foster the social and emotional growth of all students, implement an array of strategies to increase student engagement, identify individual socio-emotional and behavioral needs, and apply collaborative appropriate interventions.
  3. Communicate and Lead Together. All stakeholders will collaborate and communicate about decisions that guide the sites and district.

Stakeholder Engagement

Each year, the District must engage a wide range of stakeholders to review student needs and to gather input about how to meet those needs.  For more information about the Local Control Accountability Plan and the process for stakeholder engagement, please click on Stakeholder Engagement.

Thank you for your commitment to the students of Albany Unified School District!