Strategic Plan & Objectives


Strategic Plan


Objective #1: Assess and Increase Academic Success


Goal: We will provide a comprehensive educational experience with expanded opportunities for engagement, assessment, and academic growth so that all students will achieve their fullest potential.



  • We will implement the California Standards.
  • We will provide academic intervention for students who struggle.
  • We will continue to provide English Language Development Programs for students who are identified as English Language Learners.
  • We will hold ourselves accountable and determine student success based on multiple measures.
  • We will provide academically rigorous Career Technical Education programs that engage students in the practice of skills needed in modern work environments.
  • We will increase the selection of Advanced Placement and honors courses across all disciplines, encourage students to enroll in these and other challenging classes, and provide support for students who do so.
  • We will offer an articulated music instructional program to all 1st—12th grade students.
  • We will ensure that all students and staff have access to technology sufficient to support learning and assessment.
  • We will provide libraries to students and staff in each school to support learning.
  • We will attract, hire, train, support, and retain a highly-qualified and diverse staff.
  • We will track the college graduation rates and employment rates of former students.


Objective #2: Support the Whole Child


Goal: We will foster the social and emotional growth of all students, implement an array of strategies to increase student engagement, identify individual socio-emotional and behavioral needs, and apply collaborative appropriate interventions.



  • We will provide schools that maintain a safe, inclusive, and positive climate.
  • We will provide policies and procedures that reflect current research and best practices regarding students’ physical and socio-emotional wellbeing.
  • We will increase the number of students who have a positive relationship or connection with staff and peers, feel safe, and have expanded opportunities to be involved at school.
  • We will provide time for regular collaboration between district staff, families, and other stakeholders to identify students’ needs and to develop and implement appropriate interventions.
  • We will integrate the teaching and practice of social and emotional skills into our schools and evaluate the effectiveness of any adopted programs or curriculum.
  • We will provide a robust attendance reporting and intervention program.
  • We will provide academic counseling and intervention to students in grades 6th—12th.
  • We will provide a mental health services program.
  • We will provide a comprehensive “wrap-around” set of services for students who struggle in school.


Objective #3: Communicate and Lead Together


Goal: All stakeholders will collaborate and communicate about decisions that guide the sites and district.



  • We will establish effective communication among the District, the schools, and the community, and be responsive to the concerns and interests expressed by members of the community.
  • We will encourage and support the engagement of parents and community members, and will develop meaningful opportunities at all grade levels for parents/guardians to be involved in district and school activities; advisory, decision-making, and advocacy roles; and activities to support learning at home.
  • We will work with city and county agencies and organizations to promote and facilitate coordinated services for children, and will develop partnerships with businesses.
  • We will advocate at all levels of government for support for early-childhood education and will explore the availability of grants and other financial support for such programs.
  • We will provide highly-qualified clerical support throughout the district.
  • We will enhance the leadership capacity at the site, district, and community levels for collaborating on making decisions, communicating, and assessing site and district goals.