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Board of Education Members' Committee Assignments

Committee Assignments for the 2019-2020 School Year


2019-2020 Board Members

2x2x2 Meeting
(City of Albany, UC Village, and AUSD)

President Kim Trutane, and 1other (rotate among all Board)  

Board Policy Committee

Clementina Duron/Kim Trutane

Budget Advisory Committee

Sara Hinkley/Kim Trutane

*Career/Technical Education Committee (on hold)

N/A (on hold)

Fundraising Advisory Committee  

Sara Hinkley/Jacob Clark

Local Control Accountability Plan Committee

Clementina Duron/Michaela Weinstein

Marin Elementary School Design Team

Kim Trutane/Brian Doss

*Ocean View Elementary School Design Team (on hold)

N/A (on hold) 

Sustainability/Integrated Design Committee

Kim Trutane, Sara Hinkley

Wellness Advisory Committee

Jacob Clark/Brian Doss/Audrey Mallah

Updated: 09/29/19