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Trustees' Committee Assignments

Board Trustees decide and vote on their committee assignments at the beginning of each school year, and again in December upon Board Reorganization. This is not an exhaustive list of all AUSD committees, only those on which Board Members serve. For more information please see District Committees.
Committee Assignments for SY 2023-24 are to be determined at the first regular Board meeting in August. 
They may change again in January after the reorganization of the Board in December. 

Committee Board Members August - December 2023
Board Policy Committee
Ron Rosenbaum; Becky Hopwood
Budget Advisory Committee Ron Rosenbaum; Sadia Khan;
Yunelly Garcia-Bustamante (SBM); Ayush Deodhar (SBM)
Environmental Action Plan Committee Vonnie Davidson; Ron Rosenbaum
Special Education Advisory Committee Sadia Khan; Melissa Boyd
Student Achievement Committee Becky Hopwood; Melissa Boyd; Yunelly Garcia-Bustamante & Ayush Deodhar (SBM - advisory only)
Wellness Advisory Committee Melissa Boyd; Vonnie Davidson/Sadia Khan (will alternate)