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As composed by the PTA Council Disaster Preparedness Committee


If an emergency strikes while your child is at school
  1. Students should remain at school. If an earthquake or other emergency happens, school is one of the safest places for students to be.
  2. Do not telephone the school. Telephone lines may be needed for emergency communication. If you phone your child by cell phone, please DO NOT ask them to leave school grounds!
  3. Pick up your child as soon as possible. Students will be released only to parents/guardians and adults identified on the Emergency Form completed at the beginning of each school year.
  4. What if my child has to stay at school for a long time? Students will remain under the supervision of school personnel until picked up by a parent or designated adult. If necessary, students may be moved to another location. Look for posted notices.
  5. Use your radio for more information on local conditions. Tune into KCBS AM740, or Berkeley Emergency Radio AM1610.

Detailed Emergency Procedures are posted in each classroom in the District. A copy is also available from the Office of the Superintendent, Administration Office.