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Facility Use Request

Facility Use Request




Requests for facility use are now done electronically.

To submit a facility use request, please click here.


For detailed information about requesting and using facilities, please view the Facility Use Handbook, available for download at the bottom of this page.


A current fee schedule may be obtained at the District Office or downloaded here.



Board Policy

The Board of Education recognizes that District facilities are a community resource whose primary purpose is to be used for school programs and activities.  The Board authorizes the use of school facilities by community groups for purposes provided for in the Civic Center Act when such use does not interfere with school activities.

Because the facilities are a community resource, the Board has developed policies intended to preserve the quality and useful life of the facilities, to provide access to the facilities when appropriate and available, and to also ensure that the facilities are available to the community for non-scheduled leisure/family use and enjoyment. 

Priority of Users: All school-related activities (clubs, class and athletic events, etc.) shall be given first priority in the use of facilities under the Civic Center Act.  The District’s need to schedule maintenance/repair shall supersede the priority order for use of each facility.  The Adult Education program and the City of Albany programs (Recreation Department sponsored programs) shall have second priority.  Thereafter, the use of facilities shall be on a first-come, first-served basis in accordance with the following parameters: 

1. Free Use: District facilities shall be granted without charge to officially recognized Albany Unified School District student and staff groups, Albany Recreation Department, parent club organizations and school community advisory councils.  Free use may also be granted for fund-raising, entertainment or meetings where admission fee charges or contributions solicited are expended for the welfare of school programs. 

2. Direct Costs Fee: Organizations, clubs or associations organized for cultural activities, general character building or welfare purposes of Albany citizens shall pay direct cost charges, as shall organizations (including those in #1 above) requesting use for entertainment or meetings where admission fees are charged or contributions are solicited and the net receipts are not expended for district programs.  Albany organizations including youth and adult groups committed to community service (Scouts, YMCA, League of Women Voters, etc.) senior citizen organizations and other Albany public agencies shall be assessed direct cost fees.  Direct cost charges are listed in the adopted fee schedule.  Included in this category would be fund-raising benefits for nonprofit organizations and organizations for Albany youth and adults including private social dance classes, language classes, musical organizations and sports programs. 

3. Fair Rental Value Fee: Profit-making organizations or non-Albany based organizations, which do not qualify for free or direct cost rates shall be charged fair rental value rates in accordance with the adopted fee schedule.  Included in this category might be independent dance, theater, or musical groups, private instructors, or private businesses, assuming theses groups would satisfy city zoning and business ordinances.

Groups that fall under categories #2 and #3 must provide a Certificate of Insurance Against Liability and Property Damage.  In some instances, school site PTA’s, as well as other large organizations, may agree to provide coverage for a particular event.