Wellness Advisory Committee

This year's Wellness Committee is focusing on District Objective 2.3: Provide support for students’ physical, social and emotional needs, including the home to school connection.

To that end, we are focusing on cultivating community by creating and providing clear resources to parents/guardians to have meaningful conversations with their children about race.  There will be two sets of resources that focus on

  1. Impact of Racism
  2. Allyship in Relation to Racism

These resources will be structured with a short video followed by guiding discussion questions and some clear talking points. This will allow easy entry points for families with kids of different ages who are wanting to have these conversations but aren't sure where to start.  The resources will be structured in grade level bands to be sure they are age-appropriate.

This year’s Wellness Committee is chaired by Deb Brill, Executive Director of Student Services and Jen Gripman, Teacher on Special Assignment-UDL Implementation.  The meetings are held in person at the Marin School Library, every other month.

The Talking About Race With Your Children Video Resources are below. Click on the arrowhead on right to view the clickable resource card.