Elementary Enrollment FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When does enrollment begin for elementary students (Grade TK-5)? Enrollment for new resident students in Grades TK-5 begins in February. For enrollment instructions please click here.
  2. My child has had several years of preschool and will be five years old on September 5th. Can I register my child for Kindergarten this year? No. The entrance age for a kindergarten student is 5 years old on or before September 1st. (Board Policy 5111; Education Code 48000, 48002 and 48011). Students that will be 5 years old after September 1 are eligible for Transitional Kindergarten.
  3. My child will be five years old on September 1st, but I prefer they be placed in Transitional Kindergarten. Can I enroll my child for TK this year? No. A student who is 5 years old on or before September 1st is eligible for Kindergarten (Education Code 48000 and 48011).
  4. Can students attend a school that is nearest their home? The entire district is only one mile square. Parents have the opportunity to list their school preferences after completing their enrollment appointment. While we try to accommodate parents' requests, there is no guarantee of placement at a specific school.
  5. When will parents be notified of school assignments? Parents will be notified mid-July for those who registered February–March. Those that enroll in July will receive assignments in early August. All assignments are tentative and are subject to change until the last day in September.
  6. What is the Staggered Start Program? Grades TK-3 have a staggered start and end time to allow for small group reading instruction at the beginning and end of the day. With a reduced class size during the reading hours, teachers can provide differentiated instruction and address specific reading issues.
  7. When will parents be notified of classroom assignments? Parents will be notified the day before school begins.
  8. May I request a particular teacher for my child? No. The staff takes great care in creating balanced heterogeneous classes.
  9. Does AUSD enroll students who do not live in the city of Albany? Yes. Students who do not live in the city may apply to attend Albany schools. Non-resident students are placed after all resident students on a space-available basis. Click here for Interdistrict Permit Information.
  10. How do parents make arrangements to observe classes? Due to COVID-19, classroom visits are suspended.
  11. Does AUSD have on-site, before- and after-school childcare? Yes. The Albany Children's Center (510-559-6590) operates on-site before- and after-school childcare.
  12. Does AUSD have busing for its students? No. Albany Unified does not offer transportation.