Albany High School Addition Earns Green Building Award!

The Albany High School Addition has earned CHPS Verified status! The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) recognizes the AHS Addition as a high performance learning environment. This rare distinction demonstrates the project has undergone a rigorous design and construction process. High performance learning environments will deliver many benefits to schools, including making a significant improvement in the health and education of our children, and inspiring all to act to combat climate change. Albany Unified is proud to add the AHS Courtyard Addition to the AMS Annex, in our list of CHPS Verified buildings, and notes that the new Ocean View Elementary and the new Marin Elementary buildings are also on track for CHPS Verification. 
The AMS Annex and the AHS Addition are the largest verified "green" buildings in the City of Albany. 
Source: The Collaborative for High Performance Schools