Aquatic Center Update

1. Approximately 300’ of new sewer line has been installed and is now functional. 160’ of the line was not in the original scope of work, but when the utility corridor was excavated, it was discovered the existing line at the northwest corner of the project had three 90-degree elbows and did not have the proper “fall” to flow correctly. The project team recommended to Superintendent Stephenson that the line be replaced and realigned. Superintendent Stephenson concurred, and 160’ of line was replaced for $7,200. The cost will be covered by the Unforeseen Condition Allowance that is already within the Contractor’s bid amount. This work will correct longstanding issues the school has been experiencing with the sewers backing up (pre-fence post issues).
2. The new gas line is being installed and will be functional starting this weekend.
3. The new storm drain is approximately 90% complete. You will notice a significant number of sand bags, silt fencing, and straw waddles throughout the project site. Their purpose is to keep sediment from entering the storm drain system. As required, we have a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan in place and it is a high priority to keep all of the mud out of the storm drain system and off the streets.
4. Our excavation of the utility corridor uncovered many abandoned lines of various types. This has slowed our progress some as we have to make sure the utilities are indeed abandoned; hundreds of feet of old abandoned lines have been removed.
5. The outdoor pool is being excavated. Wet weather has slowed this work considerably.
6. Our next step is to dig foundations once the weather allows.
7. On December 7, 2010, the Board approved the purchase of the Gen7 classrooms. Materials for the classrooms are being ordered and production should start in early February. Delivery is expected in June.

There are many questions regarding how the project schedule is being affected by the wet weather. Some time is being lost; however, McCrary Construction has not yet asked for additional schedule days. We are working as diligently as possible when conditions allow. The ultimate impact on the schedule will not be known for a few months once the rains subside.

As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

David Burke AICP | LEED AP
Albany Unified School District
Project Manager
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