AUSD Board of Education Adopts 2011-2012 Budget

The 2011-2012 Budget was presented to the AUSD Board of Education for review and approval at the Tuesday, June 21, 2011 meeting and was adopted. The law requires the AUSD Board of Education to adopt a budget on or before July 1 of each year, and present the budget to the County Superintendent of Schools. The State continues to struggle with how to address the budget deficit. There is still the possibility that public education could see further revenue reductions pending the final adoption of the State budget. Once the State budget is adopted, the AUSD budget will be revised and presented to the AUSD Board of Education.

The budget document contains a narrative section which is designed to provide an overview of AUSD’s financial position, as well as provide information related to budget assumptions utilized in the budget development process. Additionally, detailed budget information is provided in the State Report, Multi-Year Financial Projections, and Categorical Flexibility sections. Chapter 12, authorized school districts to use funding received from the State for Tier III programs, for any education purpose. The flexibility to use funds from these programs is authorized through 2014-2015.
AUSD’s 2011-2012 budget is attached in PDF form.
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