Albany High School Aquatic Center Project Update - Multi-Media Presentation (click here to view presentation)

The original construction completion date was July 25, 2011 and the requested date will be November 4, 2011. The extension of the contract time duration is necessary due to the impact of abnormally high rainfall and the impact of the sitework related to the Gen7 classroom buildings.
McCrary Construction has documented the project was impacted by 41 rain days. A rain day is defined as a day project site activities were negatively impacted by either rain or wet soil conditions. The project was particularly hard hit by the rain due to a combination of the timing of the rain relative to the type of construction activity, extended periods of periodic rain events that kept the site from drying out, and the fact the site is surrounded by hardscape with exacerbated run-off into the project.
McCrary Construction has also requested 60 additional contract days related to the installation of the Gen7 classroom buildings. As requested by the District, McCrary Construction has submitted a price for the sitework necessary in support of the classroom buildings. The cost is $220,000 of which $100,000 will be covered by the sitework allowance. This will result in a net add to the contract of $120,000.
The Gen7 sitework is extensive and will have an impact on the overall project schedule. Due to the small site size and close coordination between the Pool Project and the Gen7 Sitework Project, it would not be practical to bring in another General Contractor to perform the sitework concurrently while McCrary Construction completes the Pool Project.
The requested 60 day contract time extension related to the Gen7 sitework will delay the Pool Project, but it will not delay the opening of the portable classrooms. The classrooms will be ready for occupancy by the start of school this August.
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