Out-of-District Students

Dear Parents:
The problem of out-of-district students illegally attending the Albany schools has existed for a long time. The School Board and I are committed to equitably addressing the problem in order to serve the best interests of Albany residents, as well as the best interests of all the students who are currently enrolled in our schools.
First, we want to be certain that all parents are clear about the district's residency requirements.
According to School Board policy, AR 5111.1 (a) "Criteria for Residency":
1. "There can only be one residence."
2. A student is in compliance with district residency requirements when "The student's parent/guardian resides within district boundaries on a full-time, permanent basis, that is, seven days and seven nights. (Education Codes 48200)."
Second, we are asking all parents who currently live out of the district, but have their children enrolled in Albany schools without an inter-district permit, to voluntarily come forward and acknowledge their situation by March 31st, 2011. You will do this by coming to the District Office and filling out a Declaration of Residency with your current out-of-district address.
Once you declare your residency, you will be granted "amnesty"ss, and your children will be able to remain enrolled in the Albany schools until the end of this school year. To keep your child enrolled for the 2011/12 school year, you will need to apply for an inter-district permit, and you will be placed on the waiting list.
If you fail to acknowledge your out-of-district residence by March 31st, and we discover through subsequent investigation that you are not an Albany resident, we will immediately exit your child from school.
Marla Stephenson