Redevelopment “Successor Agency Oversight Committee - Call for Applications (click for more information and to download the application)

Last year, Governor Brown proposed to eliminate redevelopment agencies (RDAs) and use the local tax revenues dedicated to RDAs to help solve the State Budget shortfall. The Legislature reached a compromise to have a statute eliminating RDAs but allowing them to continue to exist if RDAs agreed to make payments to county treasurers to be transferred to schools. RDAs challenged both pieces of legislation in court. The Court upheld the power of the legislature to eliminate RDAs and invalidated the ability of the Legislature to require RDAs to make such payments. Thus, Redevelopment Agencies (RDA) have been dissolved effective February 1, 2012 and assigned to a “Successor Agency” with an Oversight Board to supervise the RDA closure process.

Superintendent of the Alameda County Office of Education, Sheila Jordan, has the responsibility of appointing one member to each of the twelve Successor Agency Oversight Boards in Alameda County. Because the Albany Unified School District currently receives RDA funds, the District is entitled to have one representative serve on the Oversight Board. The District has established a process for nomination and selection to identify no more than two candidates to submit to Superintendent Jordan for consideration.

The AUSD Board of Education has the option of only submitting the name of one candidate. Candidate name(s) must be submitted by the District to Superintendent Jordan no later than March 7, 2012. The representative appointed to serve on the Oversight Committee will oversee the process of redevelopment agency closures. This will include:
• Ensuring that payment schedules for financial obligations are set and met
• Ensuring that a plan is in place for distribution of the agency’s assets.

The work of dissolving the large, complex RDA programs will require collaboration. Experience working with Redevelopment Agencies or Redevelopment Agency Projects is desired, but not required. Oversight Board Members will not receive compensation for this service.
Once the Oversight Board has been established, it will determine its meeting schedule. Redevelopment Agencies have been an engine for many city and county projects to support and improve the quality of life in our communities, impacting students and families that we serve. As major land use holders, in charge of education and pathways to college and work, the district has an important role to play in this process.

The Board of Education is inviting interested persons to:
• Complete the attached application
• Submit a completed application no later than February 21 at 3:00pm.
• Be available for a possible interview

Applicants must reside in the City of Albany and/or be employed by the Albany Unified School District. If you are interested in applying, the application can be downloaded from this website.
If you would like more information, please contact Jackie Manibusan at 510-558-3766. Please submit the completed application to the Albany Unified School District, 1051 Monroe Street, Albany, CA 94706.
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