New Parent Portal (ARIES) opened up! (click for link)

August 27, 2012

Dear Albany Parents,

As many of you know, on Friday August 24, a new Parent Portal (ARIES) was opened up for the upcoming school year. It can be found at:

We encourage Parents to start using the new interface rather than the old version used in the past. Ideally, this new Parent Portal (ARIES) is designed to both reduce the carbon footprint of AUSD by placing the 2012-2013 Back to School Packets online, while also making the back to school process more convenient for families. While ultimately the Parent Portal (ARIES) should provide increased functionality and access to student information, there remain anomalies in the system. There are several at the moment that we are fully aware of and working diligently to correct:

1. In some cases, if a student had an older sibling graduate from AUSD last year, parents are being prompted for a Verification Pass Code. Ignore that prompt and press on the Home Menu to bypass.

2. At the moment parents are unable to enter notes in to Medical History. We are working to expand this functionality as soon as it becomes available.

We are working to fix these errors as soon as possible. While we anticipate that this will be an ongoing process, as we continue to iron out and perfect this new parent interface, we believe that the new Parent Portal (ARIES) will develop into a valuable resource to the AUSD community.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact your school site.


Technology Services