Press Release - June 11, 2013 - Albany Unified School District Superintendent Marla Stephenson Announces Retirement (click for info)

“I want to give the Board of Education and the school community ample time to make a good choice in their next leader and to minimize any distraction for our outstanding teachers, classified employees, administrators and, of course, our students.”

Stephenson, a 26 year veteran of public education, has served as a teacher, principal, assistant superintendent, with the last 14 years spent in Albany. She took the Albany superintendent job just as the economic recession and the state’s budget cuts sent school district budgets reeling. “I am proud that our district has weathered the fiscal storm of the past 5 years. We have been able to maintain music, art programs, librarians, science and physical education specialists and a 7 period day for grades 8-12. The District did not cut salary or benefits to employees and managed to maintain a healthy reserve. Thanks needs to be given to district employees who worked harder with less in order to maintain great programs for Albany students.”

In spite of fiscal challenges, Albany scored successes under Stephenson’s watch. The district’s API scores improved every year, the community passed a parcel tax, Albany High School was awarded “California Distinguished School” status, a new Aquatics Facility was built, a district strategic plan was put into place and facilities master plan is currently being developed.

Stephenson stated that she remains committed to providing an excellent education for Albany students until she steps down June, 2014.

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