Rescheduled: Facilities Master Planning Steering Committee meeting from 12-18-13 to 1-8-14

A steering committee has been established with members representing each AUSD school site, and is meeting on a regular basis.
As a member of the Steering Committee, President Black provided the
following report at a recent Board meeting: "We were reminded that the
Facilities Master Plan is a list of desires in priority order. There is no
promise that anything on the list will actually get done. That depends entirely
on financing. In fact, it's almost certain that many things on the list will
never be done.  Life and safety issues clearly have to be taken care of
first. After that, it's up to the steering committee to decide what the
priorities are so we can know what to do in which order as money becomes

The committee decided that if, as expected, the second opinion on the safety of the schools matches the first study in that there is no mortal danger to occupants of the buildings, it is not necessary to get a bond measure on the ballot this year. The committee would rather have a slower, more deliberate process that gives all stake holders the chance to express an opinion. It's anticipated that the FMP will be completed before the end of the year, in time for a bond measure on next year's ballot."
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