Outlined below is the process that will be used to notify families, students, staff, and community members about an emergency - during school hours, after-hours, or on the weekend.

 Families and staff will receive automated *phone calls and emails from the district stating;

1) A description of the emergency, 2) The status of the situation; and 3) Details on what communication methods will be used to provide additional information as it becomes available.


  • Accurate and confirmed information will be posted on the AUSD website(s) and AUSD Facebook, and Twitter.


  • If an emergency takes place during school hours, you may receive a text or call from a student before AUSD can release accurate and confirmed information. Please turn to the AUSD communication methods outlined above for accurate, updated and confirmed information.


  • If an emergency takes place during school hours, staff will be given direction and receive updates from the site administrators and/or District administration. If an emergency takes place during non-school hours, staff will be notified by email.


Please ask the school secretary to assist you if:

1) You do not currently receive any automated phone calls or emails from the district or school; and/or 2) You do not know how to access the AUSD website or the AUSD Facebook page or Twitter.


* Families and staff will receive automated phone calls to all provided primary & secondary numbers.


If you have any questions about this communication, please call me directly at (510) 558-3766 or email me at jmanibusan@ausdk12.org.


Jackie Manibusan, Communications Manager

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