Luring Attempt Berkeley February 27, 2017 (click for info)

Last week, two male 8th grade students were at San Pablo Park in Berkeley when a man in a van approached them asking questions. The students used excellent personal safety habits by immediately leaving the area and reporting the matter to an adult. The adult reported the incident to the Berkeley police.

The man driving the van is described as a white male, between 30 - 40. The vehicle is described as yellow utility van with a blue sticker on the side and an extended rear end.

We ask that you remind students that if they are approached by a stranger to let you, their teacher, or principal know immediately. Also, please take time to remind students, in an age appropriate manner, what to do if a stranger approaches them.

The links below are being provided as helpful safety resources:

1. Tips for Parents: &

2. Tips for Students:

Please remind students to report any suspicious activity immediately to the school and Albany Police at (510) 525-7300.

Albany Unified School District

This message was distributed using AUSD's Emergency Communication Process.
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