California School Dashboard

The California School Dashboard provides a snapshot of several indicators and looks beyond performance in English language arts and mathematics. It includes measures of the progress of students who don't speak English at home, graduation rates, what the school does to prepare students for colleges and careers, chronic absenteeism at a school, suspension rates, and more.
The California School Dashboard features:
Easy-to-read reports on AUSD schools' performance
Information on several indicators of school success based on data collected at the state and local levels.  
Performance levels are represented in easy-to-understand color-coded pie pieces which reflect both current performance and changes in performance over time: blue (highest), green, yellow, orange, and red (lowest).  
The California School Dashboard provides the following four types of reports with detailed performance information:
• Equity Report - performance level of all students
• Status and Change Report - current performance and change over time
• Detailed Reports - year-by-year data for the state and local indicators
• Student Group Report - performance of various demographic groups
AUSD is excited about California's commitment to transparency and continuous improvement by placing greater emphasis on changes in performance from year to year.  This is a welcome shift toward a stronger focus on  improvement, closing the opportunity gap, and ensuring equity for all of our students.  
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