AUSD Board Appoints New Albany High Vice School Principal, Larry Pratt (click for info)

August 8, 2017
AUSD Staff, Parents, Students, & Community,
I am pleased to announce that I recommended, to the Board of Education, ​Mr. Larry Pratt for the position of Vice Principal at Albany High School. The Board of Education appointed ​Mr. Pratt as the new Albany High School Vice Principal at the August 8, 2017 Board of Education meeting.
​Mr. Larry Pratt is currently the Assistant Principal at Redwood and Drake High Schools in the Mt. Tamalpais Union High School District. He has been a vice principal for the past five years. Mr. Pratt has also been a mathematics teacher and teacher coach as well as a student teacher supervisor and summer school principal. He has experience leading equity teams and student focus groups, and he works with his staff on closing the student achievement gap through a professional learning community model. Mr. Pratt received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Morehouse College and his teaching credential from SFSU. He also received his Masters in Education and administrative credential from UC Berkeley.
Please join me in welcoming ​Mr. Larry Pratt to the Albany High School family.
Valerie Williams, Superintendent
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