Continuing the Community Conversation-Rancho Day/Colonial Day: Update (click for info)

On Friday, October 27, members of the AUSD community came together to continue the conversation about Rancho Day/Colonial Day activities.  The purpose of this meeting was to resume the dialogue initiated in April 2017, clarify the outcomes from the April meeting, and listen to input from parents.


The group (composed of approximately 20 parents, teachers, community members, site and district administrators) revisited the discussion, written feedback, and outcomes from the April 2017 forum.  Two clarifications were made regarding outcomes from the April 2017 meeting:

  1. An agreement was made at Marin to rename Rancho and Colonial Days ‘Historical Arts and Crafts Day’ for 2016-2017.
  2. An agreement was made that no costumes would be worn at Marin for the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 school years.


In addition to reviewing the April 2017 forum, there was an opportunity for fourth grade and fifth grade teachers to provide information about their curriculum and for attendees to provide additional input.  


At the conclusion of the meeting, an agreement was made to have the contents of the October 27 meeting shared with the AUSD community.  It was also noted that other input needs to be solicited.  


The Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment department will collaborate with the elementary principals to identify next steps.


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