Albany High Freshmen Forums

On Monday, April 2nd, AHS 9th graders held their Freshman Forums. The topics that teams of students researched and presented were on Indigenous Rights; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM); Voter Turnout; Guns and the 2nd Amendment; The Elderly; Drugs; Waste; and Renewable Energy. This year, rather than using a debate format, two teams worked on a topic to provide information and to answer questions from the audience. One of the topics that the Superintendent attended was on guns and the 2nd Amendment. The teams discussed gun control in Japan, Australia, Germany, and Singapore, the effects of gun control, whether these methods would work in the US, and the rationale. The students were very articulate, and they researched their topic well.  There was only one country where the students believed the U.S. could use part of their gun control laws, and that was Germany. AHS Juniors attended the different forums, and several asked thoughtful questions. Our Freshmen are commended for the thorough research they conducted, the balanced positions presented, and how they worked as a collaborative team.
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