Albany Middle School Open House

On Thursday, April 26th, Albany Middle School held their annual Open House. There was so much to see and do! The AMS jazz band performed in the courtyard, there was table top tennis in the gym, a student exhibition of art work in the Atrium, an opportunity to see what was blooming in the AMS garden, and a looping video of students engaged in rigorous classroom activities was outside of the Library.
Every classroom was open for families to visit and to speak with a teacher. In a core English/History class, students showcased their TIME Person of Year biographies including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Abraham Lincoln, and Shaquille O’Neal. In an English Language Development classroom, students composed and illustrated Haiku poems. In a science classroom, parents and students were invited to test theories of magnetism, conduction versus insulation, and natural selection. These were just a few of the many wonderful learning opportunities being showcased at Albany Middle School.
In the Atrium, AMS students were dressed in costume to promote the school’s performance of Alice in Wonderland and to sell tickets. If you would like to see the play (May 17-20), you may purchase tickets online.
Our Marin, Ocean View, and Cornell Elementary Open Houses will be on May 24th.
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