AHS Addition Delayed by 3 Months

At the September 25, 2018 Board of Education Meeting, Superindentent Val Williams informed the Board that the Albany High School Addition project has been delayed for approximately three months. The delay is due to the findings of a second geotechnical study that was requested by the California Geological Survey (CGS). The study found that the soil condition, along with AHS' proximity to the Hayward fault would necessitate some structural re-engineering of the building. The project architects and engineers will have to submit altered drawings to the Division of State Architect (DSA) to get final approval prior to construction.
Originally, AUSD was planning on receiving DSA approval by September 2018 resulting in project completion in August 2019. AUSD is now hoping for approval in December with construction starting in January. The current anticipated completion date has been pushed back to December 2019. This delay is forcing AUSD to reconsider the original temporary housing plan for Ocean View students during the OV rebuild that was originally scheduled to start in summer 2019.
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