Budget Advisory Committee Reports to Board at the November 13 Board Meeting

Members of the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) presented a report to the Board of Education at the November 13, 2018 Board Meeting. The BAC's purpose was to identify potential expenditure reductions to meet the School Board’s goal to balance the budget and evaluate consequences (pros and cons) associated with each. The committee's work culminated in the attached report.

In the end, the committee recommended that the Board adhere to the principals that guided the committee's decisions:
  1. Minimize impact on educational quality for all students,
  2. Consider the ability to restore a given reduction before cutting it, and
  3. Spread reductions widely, favoring smaller reductions for a greater number of stakeholders over larger reductions for a few.
The Superintendent will provide a budget reduction plan based upon Table #1 of the Budget Advisory Committee's report at the next board meeting on November 27th. The Board also agreed to discuss the structure and mission of the Budget Advisory Committee.

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