Budget Update: 2019-20 Governor's Budget Proposal

AUSD Chief Business Official, Jackie Kim, made a presentation to the Board of Education at the February 12, 2019 Board of Education meeting that outlined how the Governor's 2019-20 budget proposal influences AUSD budget projections. The presentation is attached below. 
BACKGROUND INFORMATION: ​At the December 17, 2018 Regular Board Meeting,
the Board approved the First Interim Financial Report for 2018-2019. On January 10, 2019, the Governor released his initial budget proposal for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

DETAILS: ​The Governor’s Budget Proposal marks the basis for building the Albany Unified School District budget for the following year. Subsequent steps are required both within the State level and within the District level in order to reasonably project the financials.
State Level:
1. Legislative Budget Subcommittee Meetings 2. Governor’s May Revise Budget Proposal
3. Full Legislative Budget Meetings
4. Legislative Vote on Proposed Budget
5. Governor line-item vetoes and approves the budget prior to June 30
District Level:
6. Review enrollment and staffing ratios
7. Review and Discuss financials
8. Review and Discuss staffing and programs
9. Continue Local Control Accountability Plan engagement meetings
10. Review and Discuss the Local Control Accountability Plan and Budget
11. Board approves the Local Control Accountability Plan and Budget prior to June 30

Q: What is the Governor’s Budget Proposal?
A: The proposal outlines the upcoming goals and priorities set by the Governor for the legislation to review and discuss.

Q: How reasonable is it to assume what is proposed by the Governor ends up becoming
enacted by June?
A: The previous Governor’s proposals were somewhat reliable indicators of what would be approved and enacted by the legislature. However, we have a new Governor who has the task of creating a budget in times of stock market volatility, changing priorities, and the possibility of a future recession. We also have several newly elected legislators who may differ from the Governor’s proposal. Districts use this information provided, but will always need to remain cautious that what is proposed in January does not always become enacted in June.

Total cumulative additional funding is approximately $1.54 million over four years. The cumulative change in COLA accounts for $906,000, and the cumulative change in STRS accounts for approximately $634,000.
This update is based on the Governor’s proposal, which is the first step in the state budget process. Both houses of the State Legislature will provide their budget plans, which may differ from the Governor's proposal.

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