AUSD's Local Control Accountability Plan Approved

In fact, Albany's LCAP was selected as one of the very best plans specifically because of our stakeholder engagement process.  The county officials were particularly impressed with the following:


  1. The Advisory Committee developed their own essential questions.


  1. Each of the committee members served as "ambassadors" to various stakeholder groups.


  1. Parents were involved from start to finish.  (Wayne Shipman attended the county meeting with Director Parenti early on and Katie Morrison wrote the Stakeholder Engagement section of our plan.)


We want to congratulate the  LCAP Committee on their hard work and excellent leadership.


 The LCAP Committee will reconvene and start the process sometime in early December or mid-January depending on updates from the CA legislature related to policy and budget.  


The goal for this year is to improve on the process by specifically including more parents from under-represented groups whose students struggle; specifically Black/African-American, Hispanic/Latino, and English Learners.


Thank you again to the LCAP Committee and AUSD site administrators for all your time and dedication!



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