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Marin Elementary School Rebuild

Marin Elementary was built in the mid-1970’s, several years before upgrades in the structural requirements for school buildings were announced by the State. The school was analyzed and peer reviewed to confirm the seismic deficiencies of the school. Plans have been developed for this school site in 2015 with significant constraints placed on by the State. With the passage of Bond Measures B & E, this project has the opportunity to create more optimal learning environments than what would have been possible with the limitations from the State. This project is currently on hold while the school district determines whether Marin Elementary or Ocean View Elementary (same building structure with similar seismic deficiencies) will be the next project under Bond Measures B & E. This determination is planned for the Spring of 2018 with a plan for teaching students during this rebuilding announced by the end of the 2017/2018 school year. A new design for this school is possible when the design committee reconvenes.

For more information contact: Allan Garde, Chief Business Official,

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